Best Tourist Place In Pakistan | Pari Khapiro Lake1 Swat

Overview of Pari Khapiro Lake


Pari Khapiro Lake 1 Swat

From Ka Lam, it is a jeep journey of about 10 kilometers on the Atrud road, then from here to the area called Anna Khar, Khapir and the lake are located at a distance of seven kilometers and 6 hours on foot. Perseverance and patience are very important for a tourist who wants to reach Majeel. The reason for this is that the difficulty and fear of the route disturb the common tourist. Surrounded by pointed peaks and high mountains, numerous waterfalls and fountains will catch your eye on the way to this lake. The water of this monolithic lake is white and transparent, which flows from the surrounding waterfalls. It is said about this beautiful lake that on a certain moonlit night, people come here to bathe and play beautiful instruments while dancing, the sound of which can be heard far and wide.

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