Lalazar Naran

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Lalah Zar Naran

Located at an altitude of 10500 feet above sea level, Lalazar, the land of flowers, is 18 km from Naran. For this one has to go to Batta Kundi on Babu Sir Road. From here, the jeep track goes to Lalazar, 5 km away. This track is ideal for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. The carpet of lush manli grass, breathtaking views from the heights, colorful butterflies will captivate you. According to local folklore, the character of the romantic tale was sacrificed for the love of a maiden named Lala Afghani Sohni. Because of this, the name of this place came to be Lalazar. Nearby is Sohni’s forest where Sohni used to wait for Lala. From Lalazar is a beautiful but difficult one to Tjheil Saiful Muluk.

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