Shigar Fort Skardu

Overview of shigar fort


shigar fort Skardu (Residence) The Palace On The Rock

This 350-year-old fort in the famous Chinpa Valley of Shukar was the palace and residence of the former king of Shukar. 2250 meters above sea level, this fort is built on a huge rock on the banks of shigar River. This fort was built by Rah Hasan Khan. Riggers with excellent woodworking skills were called from Kashmir. In order to maintain the original impression of the fort in its present form, the renowned architect of the country, Nir Ali Dada, was hired on the technical issue. In order to save this great masterpiece and rare example of Kashmiri architecture from being lost. In the present situation, the management of Pakistan’s top hotel chain, Serena Hotel, is operating this residence as a hotel. It has excellent accommodation facilities along with high-quality restaurants. A beautiful two-storied museum has also been built for the objects used in the former shigar state and Raja’s personal artifacts.

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