Beautiful Pakistan Deosai Bara Pani Skardu

Overview of Deosai Bara Pani


Deosai Bara Pani Skardu District Gilgit-Baltistan

Covering 3,000 square kilometers, this place is more than 4,000 meters above sea level and is the second highest plateau (plain) in the world. From November to May the area is completely covered by snow while the spring season in Deosai is in August when millions of wildflowers bloom on the thick lush green grass and the fragrance of every hundred blooming flowers fills your eyes. Well doneIt does. The reflection of the snow-capped mountain peaks in the crystal clear water and hundreds of species of butterflies make the environment so dreamy that Deosai feels like heaven. There are also numerous war animals in the field of Deosai. Among them are Himalayan ibex, snow leopard, marmot, sheep, etc. This area has been given the status of a National Park in 1993 for the survival and protection of the rapidly disappearing species of these animals. At some distance from Bada Pani, there is a river called Kala Pani and your next Badaau from the river is Shivsar Lake. Camping sites have been constructed for tourists at five places in Deosai. They include Ali Malik, Khattang River, Bada Pani River, Kala Pani River, and Shivsar Lake. If luck is with you, you can catch a glimpse of the peaks of K2 and Misha Broome when the weather is clear and at its best. Which can be a beautiful memory forever.

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