Manchar Lake Sindh

Overview of Manchar Lake


Manchar Lake SINDH
Machar Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan and one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. In Dadu district, the lake,
located west of the river Indus and Sehun Sharif, covers an area of 350 square kilometers to 520 square kilometers due to excess or
shortage of water. The lake collects water coming from the Kirthar mountains and other streams. This lake came into existence when the
Sukkur Barrage was built on the Indus River in 1930. Two canals, the Earl and the Danister are the means of communication between
the Tijheel and the Indus River.
Until some time ago, the water here used to attract a lot of fish due to its sweetness, but for some time due to the addition of salt in its water,
the production of fish has decreased. As a result, millions of birds migrating from Cymperia in winter stop here for less food.
The winter season is better and suitable for visiting this lake. Meanwhile, thousands of birds can be seen in and around the lake.
This lake is located 25 kilometers west of Sehun Sharif.


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