Marghazar Swat

Overview of Marghazar Swat PAKISTAN


Marghazar Swat PAKISTAN
Fifteen kilometers south of Saidu Sharif beyond Salampur, Mian Gul Abdul Wadud Badshah Sahib, the former ruler of Swat, built a beautiful palace as a summer residence in 1935.
Marble and artisans were ordered from Agra India for this white palace (Marghazar) which was completed in 1941. The marble blocks used in it are so big that no building in Pakistan,
India has such big blocks. The entire palace uses the same stone used in the Taj Mahal Agra, this magnificent palace was later converted into a hotel. Now there are living rooms, a
restaurant, and beautiful gardens. The historic room where Queen Elizabeth stayed in 1961 is preserved in this palace. To go here you will get Degan from Nishat Chowk.


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