Mansura Sindh Pakistan

Overview of Mansura Sindh Pakistan


Mansura Sindh Pakistan

Mansur was the first Sindhi Islamic capital from 711 to 1006 AD. Built as a
central cantonment by Umid rulers and armies, during the Abbasid period, the
boundaries of his empire extended to Multan and Damil. The Arabs greatly
developed both the cities of Deil and Mansurah. The cities of Mansurah and
Dibel on the banks of the Indus River became a major center of culture and
trade. Herbs, spices, cloth, ivory, metal, and countless other goods were sent
from Mansoura to Baghdad. Higher educational institutions were established
in the city. The first Sindhi translation of the Holy Quran was published
in Mansurah. According to geologists, the earthquake in 893 AD affected
both Deil and Mansurah. The archaeological site of Mansurah is located at
a distance of 9 km from Shahdadpur city of Sanghar district. A bus leaves
for Shahdadpur from Hyderabad. Shahdadpur Car Mewe Station is also
located on the main railway line.


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