Chotiari Reservoir Sanghar Sindh

Overview of Chotiari Dam Sanghar Sindh


Chotiari Reservoir Sanghar Sindh

When the desert traveler gets tired of the hot sand and sees the big blue sand, his eyes start to get tired and the environment also starts to look sad. On this occasion, the sight of water is no less than a sight of heaven, which proves to be the hope of life for travelers and cattle lost in the desert and creates the spring sky in the desert. Chotiari Lake is one of those unique lakes that is surrounded by desert as well as lush green trees and junglesPart of the Thar desert, this lake is at a distance of thirty kilometers from The roads to reach here are in good condition. Leaving Sanghar, small sand dunes are seen along with small lakes. In fact, the collection of small and big lakes named Bakar, Akanwari, Ta Jad Parlili, Beri, and Sau Naru is called Chotiari Lake. These lakes are the main source of water supply to one of the young lakes falling from the Nara Canal. It was delayed due to repeated changes in the Jameel government and was finally completed in 2003. The purpose of this lake is to collect rain and flood water (derived from the Indus River) during the monsoon season for use during periods of drought. The employment of many fishermen is also related to this lake. Their settlements are located along the lake. The lake is also a shelter for crocodiles and turtles. In the cold season, the view of the lake is enlivened by millions of migrating birds, among which the Marbletail is particularly noteworthy. To come here, one has to go to Shahdadpur via Sanghar, 67 km from Halla.


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