Lakes of Chitral

Overview of Lakes of Chitral


Lakes of Chitral PAKISTAN
Two large natural lakes are located in Chitral. Located near the polo tournament venue
Shad Dar Jameel is two and a half miles long and one mile wide. Its water has no way out. It is said that there is a well in the middle of the lake from which the water goes to the springs of the lower valley.
According to one story, a great man was martyred by taking Yod, his daughter was also with him. One day, the bangles of a girl who was bathing on the banks of a lake got stuck in the horns of corn.
A few years after both of them drowned in the lake, the hand and wrist bones of the maiden were recovered from a spring in Harchan in the Laspur valley. The bangles were safely stuck in the horn of Danbe.
The second tehsil is Kardambar. It is 13,260 feet above sea level and 256 kilometers from Chitral in Dara Brughal, it is three miles long and one and a half miles wide. Apart from this, large and small lakes
are spread throughout the length of Chitral. Among them are also famous lakes like Qarida Lake, Chetti Hay Lake, and Chan Tar Lake.


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