Koguzi Valley Chitral

Overview of KoGuzi Valley


Travel Guide KoGhuzi Valley Chitral pakistan
This area of fruits, flowers, green valleys, waterfalls, and unique mosques is about 20 km from Chitral. A beautiful mosque with beautiful carvings in this area belongs to the former royal period of Chitral.
This mosque is unique due to its exquisite wood carvings and carvings. There is also another area called Goleen at a higher altitude near Ko Ghozi. Also nearby is the famous grape growing area of Chitral,
where a special type of juice is prepared from grapes. Which is later converted into Darai fruit and used as a medicine for many diseases. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the tallest waterfall in Chital
Go a little further to Dagh village to enjoy and enjoy the colors of nature. One kilometer away from Foozi, the Golden River joins the Mastooj River. From here a jeep track leads to the scenic Golden Valley.


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