Gwadar Pakistan


Jiwani town (Gwadar)

Jiwani town in Balochistan, is known for being one of the world’s beautiful Sunset point. It’s also extremely romantic in the Full-Moon time, with clear sky. To witness the mesmeric beauty of Jiwani’s stunning sunset, Queen Victoria (in the times of British Rule) planned to visit the area to watch the "Sunset" and a hut was built for her visit, which is now known as the "Victoria Hut". It’s still maintained by the Pakistan Coast Guards up to the present day. Jiwani is a town and commercial port that is located along the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar district of the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It’s located near the Pakistani border with Iran. The town has a total population of 25,000 and is expected to become a major commercial center in coming days with the development of Gwadar port. The area around the bay includes an important mangrove forest extending across the international border, and is an important habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, especially the endangered Olive Ridley and Green Turtles.

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