Chokhandi Qabristan Karachi

Overview of Chaukhandi Graveyard Karachi Sindh


Chaukhandi Graveyard Karachi Sindh

Spread over an area of three kilometers,
this cemetery is located on the left-hand side between the
26th and 27th kilometers on the National Highway from Karachi.
These tombs are attributed to Jokhiv and Baloch tribes.
who built them between the 15th and 18th centuries.

These sandstone tombs are extremely well-built.
Beautiful and unique, intricate patterns
have been used while renovating the tombs.
Horses, swords, flowers, and abstract paintings are engraved on men’s graves,
while necklaces are engraved on women’s graves.
Chokundi-style tombs have been found along the
Indus River and the Makran coast.
The series of such graves goes to the area of Sehun Sharif.


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