Best Country For Tourism Khanian and Danna Meadows Kaghan Kpk

Overview of Khanian and Danna meadows


Khanian and Danna meadows kagan kpk

Ten kilometers ahead of Mahandri is the place of Khaniyan, 7626 feet above sea level. Due to the narrowness of the valley, the rapidity of the river waves increases. The only place for tourists is the Pine Park Hotel in Parkhani on the river. A jeep trek from Khanian on a paved road will take you uphill to Dinah Meadows. The total journey of fifteen kilometers is one hour by jeep and three hours by foot. There are also dangerous turns on this route. But reaching Dina Meadows at a height of 9500 feet, the beauty of the area will captivate you in such a way that the tension of the route you see the beach. Dinah Meadows is also famous for the valley’s finest apples, Golden, Amber, and King Golden.

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