Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

Overview of Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan


Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

164 km northeast of Karachi, Hyderabad is the second-largest city of Sindh province and the seventh-largest city in Pakistan. 
Hyderabad district is the oldest district of Sindh province. Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro founded this hot and humid city 
in 1768 on the banks of the Indus River. In 1789 Talpur ruler Mir Fateh Ali Khan shifted his capital from Hala to Hyderabad. 
Known as Neronkot during the time of Raja Dahar, this city was also the former capital of Sindh province. Before the creation of Pakistan, it was called the Paris of India. This was because its roads were washed by river water. 

110 kilometers away from the city, the importance of the historical remains has increased among the archaeologists around the world due to the discovery of historical monuments at Amri.
Hyderabad is a gateway between urban and rural Sindh. The biggest recognition of Hyderabad around the world is the Nach bangle industry. The world’s first hat trick was scored in 1982 at the Niaz Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad. GLAZED tile work, glass bangles, wooden furniture, colorful handicrafts, block printed work. Hand-made cloth toss, Central forests, 
Sheikh Makki fort, Talpur monument, Pakka fort, Kalhoro monument, and AGHAM KOT silk street, all are the beauty of Hyderabad. 

River Indus flows for 9 km near Hyderabad. Hence Hyderabad’s cool winds and gray evenings have always been famous. 
If those who come from outside the city spend an evening here, they become surrounded by the evening and air of this city.Eid Gah Rani Bagh Thandi Sadak, Clock Tower built in 1914, Dawood Puta Library, Mukhi House Building built by 
Mukhi Gobindram Pritam Das in 1900 on Fatima Jinnah Road are notable buildings. However, this area is the best 
center for food. Try the traditional Pula Fish and Lamka (soda water of different flavors).


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