Tharparkar Desert Sindh

Overview of Tharparkar Desert Sindh


Tharparkar Desert Sindh

The epitome of pure deserts The Great Desert Most of Thar Parkar district consists
of the Thar Desert, while some in the south have swampy areas and densely populated
areas. Most of the population lives in small villages. According to the 1998 census,
only 4.54 percent of the population lives in cities.

The climate of the Tharparkar district is a traditional dessert. Very hot during the day and
remarkably cool at night in summer. Daytime hours in April, May, and June are notorious
for their heat, while December, January, and February are the coldest months.

The best season to visit Tharparkar is December to February except for August and September.
In the desert region, vegetables are cultivated without fertilizers and water. They are
kept dry. And they do not spoil even for a year. Whether it is rainwater mushroom curry
and wheat roti or millet roti khatiya and sangri curry with pure desi ghee, if you find
it, then you will know that curd has arrived.


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