Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi MASJID SWAT

Overview of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Mosque SWAT


Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Mosque SWAT

Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Mosque was built in 440 AH. This mosque is the oldest mosque in North Pakistan. An inscription was discovered from the premises of the mosque in 1984,
according to which Mahmud Ghaznavi ordered his nephew Hakim Mansoor to build the mosque. Hakim Mansoor had the mosque built under the supervision of General Nushkin. In 1985,
Italian experts discovered the mosque. The structure of the mosque presents an excellent example of fine architecture. The mihrab of the mosque, the water tank, the manna, the
verandahs, the rooms are all in excellent condition. On April 128, 2010, under the supervision of the Pakistan Army, Asr prayers were again offered here after a thousand years.
This mosque is located at the beginning of the fort hill at the back of Odegram village. There is a paved road to the mosque. A museum for ancient regional culture and historical
artefacts is also being constructed here. This will help in understanding the regional culture.



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