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Shangla Top

Swat district is connected to the Silk Road through the Shangla district. After visiting Swat, instead of returning via Malakund, most of the tourists go to Abbottabad via Shangla Top from Basham on the Silk Road or from Basham to Mansehra to Balakot, Kaghan, Naran, Lalazar, Shogran, Babusar, and Mansehra to Garhi. Habibullah, Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir) or Abbottabad also go to Nithia Gali, Ayubiah and Murree. You reach Khwaja Khela beyond Mangalore and Char Bagh. From here a road leads directly to Madin, Bahrain, Kalam, Gabral, Attur, and Mahudand. While the other road towards the east leads to Mor Dur Mor up to Shangla Top located at a height of 7000 feet above sea level. Stop for a while at the top. Examine the surrounding aerial views, and take photographs. The best view of Malam Jabba can be had from the top. There are three forest rest houses and some private hotels on the top from Khwaja Khila to Bisham. After that, the slope starts and ends at Alpuri. Alpuri is the headquarters of Shangla district and Hussain and Jameel town. The mausoleum of Pashto language teacher Sufi poet Hafiz Alpuri is located here. Khas Alpuri has no special tourist attractions. Natural springs, charming waterfalls, and dense forests spread over miles are waiting for you in its vicinity. Alpuri to Puran to Martong’s 40 km long beautiful valley journey will be remembered forever. A continuation of the beautiful scenery of the road from Mingora to Alpuri will be seen in these areas. To the southeast of Alpuri lies a very picturesque pass called Lelonti. Beyond Alpuri, near Crora, the road splits into three parts. Thirty kilometers away from Crore is the Chakisar Valley surrounded by forests and snow-capped mountains. Where you can easily go by car. Shahpur, Damori, and Ajmer are in the north near Crora, and this road joins the Silk Road at Bisham in the east. Ten kilometers away from Korora is Shapur, whose old name is Dalai. Where beautiful the mountains along the river are, the houses with traditional architecture are scattered like grains full of the rosary. At a distance of three kilometers from Shahpur is the beautiful Mahta Da Modi. A few kilometers ahead of Ra Modi is Olandhar. The surrounding mountains are covered with white snow. From where the cold air comes from, even in the hot season, my teeth hurt from the cold. Olandhar has private residences and eateries. A few kilometers away from Olandhar is Ajmer, a masterpiece of pure natural beauty. The waterfalls and streams here surround you in their talisman. A few hours’ walks away from Ajmer is the enchanting lake Puchhi Danda. The blue water that touches the hands is mesmerizing. From here Da Pas Khawaja Khela will walk.


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