Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas


Born on 17 February 1951. His father Abdul Hameed Minhas was a Garrison Engineer in Pakistan Army.
Several members of his family held high positions in Pakistan’s Army, Navy, and Air Force.
He chose the Air Force. Rashid studied in Karachi and Pindi and joined PAF Academy Risalpur in 1969.
He was sent to Hat, Risalpur, Peshawar, and Karachi for training. After completion of training on 15 August 1971,
he became a pilot officer.

In those days, India started the movement to create Bangladesh.
On August 20, 1971, Rashid Minhas was on a routine training flight
when his instructor took control of the plane and diverted the plane
towards the Indian border. When Rashid Minhas realized the danger,
he tried to take control but could not. Knowing that my death is certain.
He turned the plane towards the ground. And did not allow the plane to
land safely on the enemy’s land. As a result, his plane crashed
thirty-two miles before the border and he achieved the great status of
martyrdom for his country. President General Yahya Khan conferred
Pakistan’s highest honor is Nishan Haider on August 29. He was cremated
at Army Cemetery near CSD behind Shahrah Faisal. Kamra Air is named
after Rashid Minhas Shaheed.


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