Karachi War Cemetery

Overview of Karachi War Cemetery


Soldiers killed during the Second World War were buried in various
cemeteries across the country. Later it was realized that their
graves were not being properly maintained in these cemeteries.
Therefore, a special cemetery was built in Karachi.
All 642 graves here are related to World War II. Who were brought
from the cemeteries of Abbottabad and Jhelum. There is such a cemetery
in Rawalpindi too. Where are the graves of soldiers of World War I and II.
The Commonwealth War Cemeteries Commission is responsible
for the maintenance of these cemeteries.

The graveyard is a couple of miles from the focal point of Karachi,
toward the upper east on Public Arena Street, and can be reached by taxi.
It is presently encircled by the maritime province
and is adjoining the new maritime burial ground.

The simplest method for arriving at the Conflict Graveyard from the downtown
area is to go to the Public Arena and follow the street prompting Dalmia in
which the air terminal is arranged. From the air terminal follow converse
street from Dalmia to the Public Arena and the Burial ground is
arranged on the left-hand side of Public Arena Street.


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