Jehangir Kothari Parade Karachi

Overview of Jehangir Kothari Parade Karachi


About 90 years ago, Mr. Jahangir Kothari, a prominent citizen of Karachi, built this park on his land, which he later dedicated to the citizens of Karachi.

A monument was built here in his memory. In June 2005, the old play land at Clifton Beach was demolished and renovated. Spread over 130 hectares, this park is one of the few largest parks in Pakistan.

It is named Bagh Ibn Qasim after the great Muslim conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim in his memory.

All corners of the park corridors are decorated with excellent lighting. Lush lawns add to its beauty. There is another park near Bagh Ibn Qasim Beach Park which is spread over 147 acres. This monument is located on Main Clifton Beach near the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi.


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