The Hunza Pakistan Autumn Tour Package for 2023

Due to its affordable pricing, our most popular travel package  is the Hunza Valley Autumn tour Package. Since 2018, domestic travel has sharply increased in the Hunza Valley, and the trend is still upward. Furthermore, the local society in the echo system is growing strong and supportive. It’s important to note that Hunza Nagar has a strong culture and customs.

05 Secrets of Book Hunza Valley Autumn tour Package!

  • Incredible Landscape 
  • Top of the Line Services
  • Multiple Cultures

Excellent weather

The fusion of hospitality and adventure

The most popular travel plan for families and honeymooners is the Hunza Valley 07 Days Tour. Hunza is a year-round vacation spot, so visitors can visit there in the winter, spring, summer, or even fall. Additionally, ever-improving security circumstances make it ideal for foreigners to have a slice of walnut cake on Karimabad’s outskirts.

The Hunza Valley 07Days Tour Package offers a great opportunity to go boating in Attabad Lake. Attabad Lake is the purest lake in the world. Additionally, vibrant restaurants are sprouting up along the shores of the unusual lake.

Additionally, vibrant restaurants are sprouting up along the shores of the unusual lake. Also included in the Hunza Valley 07 Days Tour is Husseini Bridge what a thrill to know that the Husseini Bridge is one of the most hazardous in the world. We would most certainly pay a visit to such breathtaking beauty with views of Passu Cons in the distance and the Indus at your feet.

03 Reasons for Booking a 07-Day Autumn Tour  Hunza Valley

  • Hotels in Hunza & Karakorum Highway at Affordable Rates
  • Professional & Reliable Drivers
  • To Naltar Valley by Jeep (the only location where 4 PEAKS above 7000 meters high may be seen)

Tour Plan

Hunza Valley 07 Days Autumn Tour Plan: 

On the first day, we would depart from Islamabad or Rawalpindi and travel to Chilas Valley. After 11 hours of travel, we would arrive at our hotel.

Hotel Shangrila Chilas

On the second day, depart for the Hunza Valley while spending a little amount of time at the Nangaparbat Sighting Point, which is close to three mountain range points. In addition, we would turn off the main Karakorum Highway and onto the Hunza Gilgit Road. The Gilgit Hunza Road is undoubtedly the most beautiful road in Northern Pakistan. By noon, we’ll check into the hotel.

Hotel Hunza Embassy

The third day begins with breakfast at the hotel in Karimabad Hunza Valley, followed by visits to the nearby Karimabad Bazar and the 600- and 800-year-old forts of Baltit and Altit.

Hotel Hunza Embassy

Fourth Day On this day, we’d transport you to the Sost Attahabad Lake and Gojjal Areas. Khunjerab, which borders China, is only accessible from late March through December. Due to the fact that boating is included in our package, we will also be visiting other tourist destinations, including Attabad Lake. Today we will stay in Nagar Valley and switch hotels. Check-in at night.

Hotel Diran or Osho Thang

On the fifth day, we will travel by Jeep toward Naltar Valley, where we will spend 6 to 7 hours before visiting Naltar Lake (in the summer only) and returning to our hotel after our exhausting but exciting journey through EXOTIC Northern Pakistan.

Hotel Diran or Osho Thang

Sixth: After breakfast, we’ll head to Besham Valley, where we’ll check into a hotel after a 10- to 11-hour drive.

Hilton Besham Hotel

7th Day: After breakfast in the hotel, go to Islamabad, where you will arrive in 8 to 9 hours.

And our 7 days Autumn Hunza tours comes to an end

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