Amazing Golra Railway Museum & Railway Station

Amazing Golra Railway Museum & Railway Station – 45 minutes from Islamabad

The Railway Heritage Museum was set up in October 2003. From relics tracing all the way back to the initiation of rail lines in the subcontinent by the British to memorabilia portraying the formation of the exhibition hall are housed and saved in this legacy site. The Rail Heritage Museum is housed in three distinct lobbies to contain ancient rarities reflecting history of railroad over a time of over 150 years including just about 100 years of unified India. As a piece of the historical center there is a major yard where cranes, streetcars, cantinas, trains, mentors and tracks are marshaled stunningly, depicting the railroad’s walk forward through time. The historical center houses a noteworthy mix of antiquities covering the numerous aspects of the rail routes frameworks. Mechanical models, flagging frameworks, specialized apparatuses and the development of operational conventions are protected and sequentially showed in the exhibition hall. The historical center additionally shows the social effect and anthropological ramifications of the railroads on the human topography of the multi-racial sub landmass. An open yard shows a wide exhibit of relics which have gotten wiped out on the railroad lines all throughout the planet. The steam and electric trains, a German postal vehicle, a cantina vehicle utilized by the last Indian emissary, Lord Mountbatten, and another cantina vehicle having a place with the Maharaja of Jodhpur from the Jodhpur rail routes given as a wedding present to his little girl are a couple of models

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