4 Days Skardu Tour

Tour Details:

This 4-day Skardu tour by air comes with exciting hotel deals like Serena Shigar, Shangrilla, Serena Khaplu, Concordia Skardu, Hotel one Skardu, Khaplu PTDC and PDTC Skardu.

Day 1:

From Skardu Airport, you will be taken to Kachura. On day 1, you can enjoy exploring Upper Kachura, Lower Kachura, Shangrilla and Katpana Desert.

Day 2:

On day 2, you will be taken to Khaplu.  You can enjoy exploring small villages like Dagoni and Khaplu Serena.

Day 3:

On day 3, you will be taken to Shigar. You can enjoy exploring the Safranga Desert and Shigar Fort.

 Day 4:

On day 4, you will be dropped to the airport from Shigar.


Why choose 4 days Skardu tour?

This 4-day Skardu tour could be ideal for you because:

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Hotel stay
  • Air transport

Important info:

  • This is a 4-day tour with a 3-night stay.
  • The minimum number of people that can apply for this tour is 2.


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