Kalash Uchal Summer Festival - 15 Days

15 Days 14 Nights , Kalash Uchal Summer Festival 

19-Aug-2022 to 02-Sep-2022

Kalash Uchal Summer Festival is one of the top social celebrations of Pakistan. Kalasha clan celebrates numerous celebrations around the year. The three principle Kalash Festivals are Chilam Joshi (spring celebration), Choimus (winter celebration) and Uchal (summer celebration). Uchal Kalash Summer Festival is a stunning social experience in the Hindukush mountain ranges. UNESCO recorded Kalash culture as “Theoretical Cultural Heritage” in November 2018. The choice was declared during the thirteenth meeting of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee meeting coordinated in Mauritius.

Uchal Kalash Summer Festival

All seasons are viewed as useful for investigating the Kalasha culture. Thinking about the progression of sightseers and interest in Uchal Kalash Summer Celebration, we cautiously pick our dates for the late spring celebration. The beginning and end dates in the table beneath are your dates of appearance and takeoff from Pakistan. We have in any event 1 ensured takeoff for the mid year celebration. Our dates and expenses for Uchal Kalash Summer Festival are given beneath.

Uchal Kalash Summer Festival 


On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 540 m
On the first day of this great adventure we will start by exploring Islamabad in the afternoon. We will visit Heritage Museum to understand and
explore the culture of multi nations living in Pakistan. Afterwards we will have lunch and go ahead to explore Pakistan Museum. Later,
we will visit Faisal Mosque, the famous landmark of the city and then continue to drive towards the highest view point of Islamabad
(Pir Sohawa/Daman e Koh). We will also explore Super Market and after a taste of traditional food we will call it a day after having
a scoop of ice cream from a famous ice cream shop.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 975 m
This day we will set towards Swat which is a beautiful hill station in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province formerly known as NWFP.
We will drive on the newly constructed motorway that has shortened the journey from Islamabad to Swat. Swat was a former princely
state and also a center of Buddhist Civilization centuries ago. We will explore the white palace, archaeological sites of ancient
Buddhist civilization and the bazar.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 1,050 m
Today we will set from Swat to Chitral. We will travel through the Lowari Tunnel which is about 10.4 kms long that connects Dir and Chitral.
In the past before the construction of the tunnel the passengers travelled via Lowari Pass and more over the Chitral Region was
disconnected from rest of the country for 6 months. We will reach Ayun this day. Ayun is the closest villages to Kalasha Tribes and also a
beautiful valley to experience and explore the place. Our stay will be in the Ayun Fort that has beautiful biological gardens and its location
offers a bird eye view of the valley and river. We will spend the night at the Ayun Fort.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 1,100 m
Today the participants will set towards Rumbur Valley to experience the Uchal Festival. They will explore the valley. They will experience
the rituals of Kalasha Tribe. There will be a lot of music and dance going on, participants can blend in and dance on the beat with Kalasha Tribe.
The guest will meet local people of Kalash they will have the opportunity to learn their culture and rituals. The guest will be staying in
Bumburet for the night. The nights will continue with bonfire and dances.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 1,100 m
On this day we will start exploring the Bumburet Valley. We will visit the local museum. The Kalasha Graveyard and the Town Centre.
Later we will join the mega festival as all the tribes will gather in Bumburet. We will dance, do photography and interact with the
Kalasha Tribe and experience this unique culture firsthand. Later we will travel to Chitral and stay at night in Chitral

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 1,494 m
Today we will explore Chitral Town. We will visit Chitral Fort the capital of ancient kingdom of Chitral. The region was ruled from this fort.
Later we will visit Shahi Mosque of Chitral which is in the premises of the fort. We will then travel to Birmoglasht which is on the mountain top.
It offers a bird eye view of the valley as well as we might have a sighting of Markhor that are indigenous to this region. We will have lunch at
Birmoglasht on this day. If there is an ongoing polo match in Chitral Town we will visit the polo ground and experience the thrilling polo event.
Later we will explore Chitral Bazar. We will have dinner in the hotel.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 2,359 m
On this day we will travel from Chitral Town to Mastuj. Mastuj is main village of Yarkhud Valley that borders Gilgit-Baltistan on one side and
Afghanistan on the other. We will travel passing many villages of Chitral along the river gorge. Once we arrive in Mastuj we will take a walk
around the village, meet and greet local village and community. We will stay in Mastuj for the following night.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 2,217 m
On this day we will travel from Chitral to Gupis which is also known as Khalti. Khalti is part of Ghizer District of Gilgit –
Baltistan Region. We will travel via Shandur Pass and drive through many villages of Laspur. We will make a short stop in
Shandur where we will experience the high alpine Shandur Lake and the Shandur Polo Ground which is the highest polo ground on the planet.
We will pass through high land pastures and meadows of Barsit, Langar and Teru. We will also make a short stop at
Phander Valley which is lush green and has a very beautiful still lake. Upon arrival at Khalti, we will check in to hotel and
after some rest we will go to explore the nearby villages and take some good photographs on the Khalti Lake.
We will have Trout Fish as one of our cuisines on this day.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 1,500 m
On this day we will travel from Khalti to Gilgit. Gilgit is the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan Region.
Upon arrival we will check in to hotel and have some rest. After the lunch we will go to visit Kargah Nala and the famous Buddha Carving.
Later we will go to explore the Gilgit Bazaar and will taste the “Mantu” (Dumplings). We will relax and stay at Gilgit for the night
before we start the journey to the “ Land of Legends” – Hunza.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 2,500 m
This day will be different and exciting as we will be travelling to Hunza now. Let me tell you that Hunza is a full package that offers beautiful scenery,
glaciers, high rising mountains, lakes, culture, heritage, an international border and the 8th wonder of the world that is called the Karakoram Highway.
As we start our journey on the Karakoram Highway, we will see the old silk route used for trade which was made centuries ago. We will make a stop at
Rakaposhi View Point an enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and feel the breeze coming from the Mother of Mist. As we travel ahead towards Hunza we will have a view of
magnificent peaks from the window seat and as we arrive in Karimabad. The view of Rakaposhi will stun every nature lover as this ultra-visible peak will
glance over your head. We will visit Baltit Fort and Altit Fort this day and also explore Karimabad Market and later we will visit the famous Eagle’s
Nest View Point to experience the sunset over the mighty peaks.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 2,700 m
On this day we will travel to Northern Hunza, we will do boating in the Attabad Lake. The pristine glacial water and the color of lake with the
barren mountains will leave you stunned. We will continue travelling further passing through many villages of Upper Hunza and enter
Khunjerab National Park at Deh. We will experience the amazing journey on the Karakoram Highway. On our return we will stay at Passu.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 4,693 m
On this day we will start our day by walking around the Passu Village. We will experience people working in the field we will also visit a
local house to experience the architecture and way of living of the Wakhi Community of Pakistan. We will visit Borith Lake another alpine
lake with beautiful colors. We will also take a walk on the Hussaini Suspension Bridge to experience the thrill of the mountains. We will
further travel to Hopar Valley and get stunned with its beauty. We will hike to Baltoro Glacier. On this night we will enjoy dances and
music of people of Hunza.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 2,409 m
The guests will depart to Besham or Naran (depending on weather and other variables) from Hunza. If we take the road to Besham, we drive through
Chilas and Dassu travelling along Indus river on Karakoram Highway. However, we will try to return to Islamabad via Naran road/Babusar Pass (4,173m).
This will give our guests the opportunity to explore additional locations. Our guests will spend the night in Naran or Besham.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 540 m
On this day we will travel to Islamabad from Islamabad. On our way we will visit Taxila Museum and ancient Buddhist sites
from Gandhara Civilization. We will then continue to Islamabad which is on a distance of 45 minutes from Taxila and have our
farewell dinner at Monal Restaurant.

On this Day
GPS Data
Altitude: 540 m
Everything good thing has to come to an end. This is the day when we finally bid farewell to our guests and fellow members.
The tour ends this day.



  • Implementation of Covid SOPs/Guidelines & Complimentary Safety Pack (sanitizer, 1 mask & glove per day)
  • Licensed professional guide (government requirement)
  • Visa to Pakistan (supporting documents will be offered)
  • Airport transfer on first and last day in Islamabad
  • All domestic road transfers
  • All hotel accommodation (twin sharing rooms)
  • Hotel meals (breakfast)
  • Support staff (assistant(s) etc.)
  • Licensed professional guide
  • Road transport (Islamabad to Islamabad)
  • Hotel accommodation according to itinerary
  • Hotel meals according to itinerary
  • Support staff (assistant(s) etc. – according to need)


  • Travel Insurance (recommendations only)
  • International airfare
  • Personal equipment (clothes, boots, etc.)
  • Tips for guides, porters, staff, etc.
  • Miscellaneous (drinks, phone calls, laundry, souvenir, etc.)
  • Sightseeing in Islamabad and surrounding areas (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Hotel accommodation in Islamabad (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Hotel meals in Islamabad (can be arranged – additional charges)
  • Travel insurance (recommendations can be requested)
  • Personal equipment (warm clothes, boots, etc.)
  • Tips for guides, porters, staff, etc.
  • Miscellaneous (drinks, phone calls, laundry, souvenir, etc.)


Uchal Kalash Summer Festival

19-Aug-2021 to 02-Sep-2021


Uchal Kalash Summer Festival Highlights

  • Experience the summer festival of ethnic minority community of Kalash
  • Participate and dance to the tunes of Kalasha music
  • Enjoy Kalasha and Pakistani cuisine
  • Hear stories from Kalasha community members including men and women
  • Juniper, Oak and Pine forest in Kalash
  • View of hundreds of peaks including Tirich Mir (7,708m) in the Hindukush Range
  • Rivers (Kunar, Dir, Chitral), tributaries and streams
  • Malakand pass, Lowari Pass (3,118 m) or Lowari Tunnel (10.4 kms)
  • Valleys of Khyber including Dir, Chitral and Kalash
  • Views of forts (Malakand, Nagar, Ayun & Chitral) and Mosques (Shahi Masjid)
  • Churchil Picket, Malakand
  • Experience the culture of ethnic minority communities of Hunza
  • Participate and dance to the tunes of Hunza drums
  • Enjoy Hunzai and Pakistani cuisine
  • Opportunity to interact with Hunza's community members including men, women and children
  • View of hundreds of peaks including Rakaposhi (7,708m) and Passu Sar (7,478m) and Ultar Sar (7,388m) in the Karakoram Range
  • Rivers (Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit, Indus, Kunhar), tributaries and streams
  • Babusar Pass (4,173m), Khunjerab Pass (4,733m) and Attabad tunnel (7km)
  • Valleys of northern Pakistan including Hunza, Nagar, Naltar, Besham/Kaghan and Naran etc
  • Lakes including Attabad, Lulusar, Borith, Shandur, Khalti, Phandar and Batura
  • Glaciers including Bualtar, Passu, Batura and Hussaini etc
  • Khunjerab National Park
  • Sightseeing of forts (Altit and Baltit)
  • Bazaars of Karimabad, Aliabad and Naran
  • Karakoram Highway and Ancient Silk Route
  • Drive through the towns of Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra etc
  • Sightseeing in Islamabad & Rawalpindi
  • Make new friendsDiscounted culture travel

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Kalash Uchal Summer Festival

Trip Facts

  • All Kind of Vehicles with Driver with Fuel
  • 1-100
  • 4,693 m
  • Standard Hotels , Deluxe Hotels , Business Class
  • Heart Patient is not allowed
  • English , Urdu
  • Adventure , Cultural
  • 1
  • 60