Naran Valley

Overview of Naran valley



After Glacier Zucker does this, the valley will begin to gradually widen. of the river

If you feel stagnation in the flow of waves, understand that Naran has arrived. A tourist’s heart starts pounding as soon as he enters Naran. As if after a long time he is passing through the street of his beloved and that street is still open. Before Naran city you will see camping enthusiasts on the banks of the river. If you want to pitch your own tent, find a suitable place and pitch it, or rent one. This does not mean that there are no hotels in Naran, but there are some of the best modern hotels in Kaghan Valley. There is also PTDC Moel and Youth Hostel. Located at a distance of 88 km from Balakot, Naran city is at an altitude of 7888 feet above sea level. After the re-completion of the Balakot Naran highway, it has become the second most popular tourist destination after Murree due to the easy availability of facilities. Naran has become a tourist camp. Here you can easily return to Lalazar Lake, Saif Ulmuk Bata Kundi, Babusar Top and other places on a day trip after staying at the hotel. If you intend to do this, arrange everything with the jeep driver at night and leave early in the morning so that you can return by night. But it would be better to spend one night in Lalazar and Jail. Tourists usually go for day trips to the suburbs. On their return in the evening, the splendor of Naran Bazaar is at its peak. youBe a part of this wave of fun. If you are keen on fishing, you can get a permit from the Queen’s Fisheries Office in Baran for trout fishing. Hunting equipment is available from Naran Bazaar. Unparalleled in its taste, the icy and cold waters are easy to catch. The weather is pleasant during the day and cool at night due to the snowy mountain peaks in the outskirts. Therefore, whenever you go out at night, always keep warm clothes with you. A path leads to the lake Saiful Muluk on the right from the Ahnipel at the far end of Naran Bazaar. After crossing the bridge, PTDC Hotel and rest houses of various departments are built on the left side of the river. Sitting in PTDC’s beautiful restaurant while having a meal or tea, the view of the splashing, lapping water of the Kunhar River and the towering mountains in the background from behind the glass will blow your mind.

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