Manora Beach Karachi

Overview of Manora Beach Karachi


Manora Beach Karachi

Manora is a small island in the south near Kemari.
There is also a base of defense forces of Pakistan.
Some areas are also inhabited by civilians.
Despite being under the military, it is open to the traffic of civilians and tourists.
Towards the southern tip of the island is a long sandy beach.
Manora Beach is a favorite tourist place due to its pollution-free clean water.
Also, it is from the city center to other coastal destinations like Hawke’s Bay or other bays
The ratio is also the closest. Land route can also be taken to reach
Manora, but due to distance, this route takes more time.
Apart from this, a special permit is also required for this,
but a boatman from Kemari port will take you to Munora in fifteen minutes for Rs.50.


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