Bali Bungalow (Dilshad Manzil) Sindh

Overview of Bali Bungalow (Dilshad Manzil)


Bali Bungalow (Dilshad Manzil)
Noor Ali Khan Naz, the ninth ruler of Khairpur, lost his heart in Lahore’s Bazaar Hassan and finally,
instead of making Iqbal Begum aka Billy a game, he brought her to Khairpur as a bride with honor and honor
and kept her as a blister on her hand for the rest of her life. In 1895, specially designed for Iqbal Begum
a.k.a. Bali, it belongs to see. Also with beautiful paintings, this building is located near Girls College on
Station Road. A garden adorned with beautiful fountains reserved for royal events also adds to its splendor


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