Sarah WilkinsonSarah Wilkinson

sawat kalam, malamjabba

Visited March 2021

Excellent service from a professional group. Organised for a group that wanted to experience something a bit different and this company did not fail to provide. Highly recommended.


fairy meadows

Visited April 2021
Not much human activity so many places in Pakistan are in pristine untouched condition. Good value for money in comparison to other alternatives such as Europe. Pakistan has plenty to offer with deserts, mountains, beaches. From the second highest point on earth from mount K2 to sea level. In between it has a dozen different climatic zones. Giving you plenty to explore. With a chance of choosing between cold weather or hot weather depending on your mood. Locals at travel destinations are very friendly and helpful. Package that was chosen was affordable whilst offering unique and top quality experiences. I advise you travel asap with country still in untouched and pristine condition. Before it becomes a mainstream travel destination, which is were it is quickly headed. Looking forward to travelling again. Still have much exploration to do.
Ateeb RehmanAteeb Rehman

Neelam valley ,Kagan & shogran

Visited March 2021

What can I say, having not been back to Pakistan for the best part of 20 years I didn’t know what to expect. As I wanted to travel and explore the country I was recommended Prestine Tours and boy was i in for a surprise. I managed to go to some of the following places during my ten night long tour such as Islamabad, Murree, Muzafrabad, Abbotabad, Neran, Khagan, Balakot, Mansera, Hunza and Keran. I also went to a few other places but the one’s mentioned above will live long in my memory. Now onto Pretine Tours, the team were fantastic from start to finish, from the administrative team who took my booking to my driver Parvez aka P, who catered for my every need from food, accommodation, grabbing a bargain and what sites were worth visiting. I honestly can’t believe the places I have seen, the country is definitely one of the most stunning countries in the world and I will definitely be coming back to explore further. My stay in Pakistan ends tonight and as much as I want to return to the UK this country will stay in my heart forever. I can’t thank you guys for what you did for me, I hope I have also given you great company and some amazing laughs over the 10 night tour. I will return again to use your services and I promise to bring my friends and family along with me. I have mentioned your services to many people and they are also looking forward to experiencing what I did. I apologise for this long post but when a service is as great as I experienced then it should deserve the credit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart K, Liaqat, P and the team.