Malam Jabba Zipline

Swat has dispatched Pakistan’s first historically speaking Zipline in Malam Jabba PC Resort, Malam Jabba.

Countless sightseers ran to Swat to encounter the country’s most elevated zip line at 9,200 feet high Malam Jabba ski resort. The recently introduced zip line is around 1,000 feet high and around 2,000 feet in length and its speed can reach to 80 kilometers each hour.

It was at that point a popular spot for its skiing. Every year an International Skiing Championship has held at Malam Jabba in which competitors from in excess of 12 nations take part. Presently this unimaginable Zipline will twofold lift the travel industry

Rakaposhi Zipline

In the heart of the mountains, with a breathtaking view of ” mother of clouds” Rakaposhi. Where we have created an amazing zipline project for adventurous people that provide a source of fun, enjoyment, and pleasure. ”Sometimes, nature is all you need.

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